Policy Committee

The Policy Committee guides the OPRA Board of Directors and OPRA staff by suggesting specific policy issues and stances OPRA should advocate for.  The Policy Committee is made up of a small group of core voting members. During the bi-monthly committee meetings, staff of any OPRA Member can participate in discussions, either in person or online, on specific issues. After these conversations, the voting members of the Policy Committee vote to make a recommendation to the Board that a specific issue is taken up as a priority issue or a specific stance should be adopted as OPRA’s official stance. These recommendations go to the OPRA Board of Directors who then vote on OPRA’s official stance on policy issues.

Voting Members:

Scott DeLong, CRSI, Policy Committee Chair
Diane Beastrom, Koinonia Homes, Inc.
Anne Hanning, Belco Works
Dave Rastoka, Embracing Autsim, Inc.
Jeff Johnson, Weaver Industries
Jo Spargo, REM Ohio, Inc.
Jennifer Marshall, Goodwill Columbus
Kurt Miller, Empowering People, Inc.
Tim Neville, Echoing Hills Village, Inc.
Ryan Knodel, Benchmark Human Services, Inc.
Shelly Wharton, The Society