public-policyPublic Policy Issues: Overview

Times never seem to be anything but challenging for providers and other organizations offering services to individuals and families affected by developmental disabilities (DD).

The greatest portion of OPRA’s mission is to remain in the thick of the battle, representing those providers and, in turn, the people they serve. The next generations of services are always in development, and OPRA is pro-actively engaged in this ongoing process. Significant funding reductions are possible for a variety of Medicaid programs, and some could be eliminated altogether: OPRA is in the vanguard of protectors shielding that valuable funding. Many, if not all, of these changes could directly impact individuals with DD, and they will certainly have important consequences for providers who serve Ohioans with developmental disabilities.

Whatever the initiative or challenge, the need for providers to have a strong, unified voice – to be heard as these and other policy changes are considered and made – has never been greater. OPRA has consistently stood up for what it believes to be important for the care and support of those its Members serve: the Association is that voice. Ultimately, OPRA works with its Members and policymakers to shape Ohio’s service system so that individuals with DD can lead increasingly independent, productive, and integrated lives. To that end, several of the Association’s key goals are to keep Members informed, to provide opportunities to weigh in on major issues as they are being decided, and to ensure that the provider voice is heard by public officials.

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