OPRA’s Compensation and Benefits Survey is a biennial survey started over a decade ago that is sent out to OPRA Members to understand the current status of the workforce supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Members of the OPRA Human Resources Committee worked with OPRA staff and John Barry and Associates to design and produce these final documents.

Survey Purpose

The purpose of the Survey is to gather and analyze aggregate data to external sources such as the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and Legislatures. It also provides a reference to OPRA’s Members to use as a benchmarking guide for their compensation and other related human resource management systems.

Survey Completion 

The survey is made up of two surveys. At the beginning of each survey year, OPRA members are sent the survey. The survey asks information pertaining to the previous calendar year on employee compensation and turnover. For the 2018 survey, 57 Members responded, this represents 48.7% of the OPRA Membership.

Survey Purchase

The Compensation and Benefits Survey is one of the most popular activities of OPRA. Copies of the survey are available for purchase by OPRA Members and Nonmembers. Agencies who participate in the Survey automatically receive a free copy of the results. The 2018 Compensation and Turnover portion of the Survey is currently available for purchase and can be purchased by filling out the form below.