HIPAA On-Demand Education

On-Demand HIPAA Training Courses


By request and in response to a flood of recent cyber attacks,
OPRA is introducing new virtual, on-demand privacy and security training for staff!


Training is a critical defense against intrusions that breach privacy and IT systems.  Why?  Because training provides awareness and vigilance. All it takes is one click on a malicious email or link to open a backdoor into even the most secure databases. 

In partnership with MyHIPAA Guide, OPRA is now offering an on-demand course for staff that will fulfill privacy and cybersecurity training requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Most importantly, this training will instruct staff on how to recognize suspicious activity and how to respond promptly and effectively.


This 40-minute, virtual course includes four modules.

Participants may only advance through each section after successfully answering quiz questions. 


Competency-building focuses on:

  • Understanding what private information is, and rules for access and release
  • Restrictions on social media uses
  • The duty to report potential breaches of private information
  • How to identify potentially malicious email and other potential cyber threats
  • Safe practices for handling paper documents containing private information

Agencies making bulk purchases will also receive a package of MyHIPAA Guide training materials and essential policy templates, including:

  • 49-Page MyHIPAA Guide Compliance Manual (with a 5-page Primer on Staff Training in the Appendix, as well as a Social Media Cheat Sheet)
  • HIPAA Cheat Sheet
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Social Media Use Policy Template
  • Sanctions Policy & Disciplinary Actions Policy Template
  • Training & Awareness Policy Template
  • Telecommuting Policy Template
  • Anonymous Breach Report Template
  • Confidentiality Pledge for Residential
  • Training Instruction Sheet

HIPAA On-Demand Fees


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